Transfer Order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Transfer Order (T.O) is an integral document to move inventory units from one warehouse to another of the same company, in order to maintain the right amount of stocks where they are needed the most. Processes Form an…

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Sales process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Today’s topic of discussion is Sales, which is a conjoint but recurrently used process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For fulfilling the purpose of entering a sales quote, the user will fill in the quote header and lines by…

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Cross-platform mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Hello Guys.. Hope you all are fine. We are back once again with an interesting and exciting topic i.e: Mobile App Development for Dynamics AX. Currently, we are in the age of Mobile technology. Some statistics shows some great…

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Warehouse Mobile Device Portal in Microsoft AX Dynamics 2012

The Warehouse Mobile Device Portal (WMDP) in AX 2012 provides a strong interface for the warehouse workers to use the advanced warehousing functionality. One can use variety of functions like Sales and Transfer Order picking, Inventory movement and…

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DiskSpd – a Microsoft standard tool for IO subsystem sizing

Disk latencies play a vital role in the performance degradation for any OLTP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX, D365 and Dynamics CRM. Optimized IO lead to the optimal software performance. Microsoft has set the following threshold for the…

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Marketo with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  I like to share my experience with you, as I have worked with one of our clients who use Marketo as a Marketing Automation integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I found it very interesting and want you…

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Reenrollment Award for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX Customers (US and Canada)

Renew your service plan and receive up to 20% off* your next qualifying license purchase, add users, purchase new modules or transition to Business Ready Licensing. Discount is based on tenure of customer and consecutive years of being…

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