Customized Workflow in Dynamics 365 Business Central by developing new workflow events – Part 1

Introduction: Workflows are created in Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a platform to build instructions for automated commands.This functionality is very useful for automating processes such as notifications, approvals etc.When a workflow is enabled for any object then…

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Using Custom Data Entities to Import Data from Excel in Dynamics 365 FO

Data Entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are much like target entities in AX2012. There are the various loads that come pre-built out of the box for you to use at go-live and then potentially even…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Processes

  Hello guys, hope you all are good. Today we have an exciting topic i.e: Dynamics 365 processes. So without further delay, lets see this. Dynamics 365 processes empower you to demonstrate real-life business processes. When displaying your…

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Fix for the lookup error in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ‘More than one form was opened…’

After implementing lookup in D365 I encountered an error “More than one form was opened at once for the lookup control” while interacting with control as shown below. Lookup Code FormControlEventHandler(formControlStr(SalesTable, LC_AssetGroup_LC_AssetId), FormControlEventType::Lookup)] public static void LC_AssetGroup_LC_AssetId_OnLookup(FormControl sender, FormControlEventArgs e) { Query …

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-premise deployment (part 2)

You can find all the necessary and updated information regarding Setup and Deployment of on premises Environments here    Catching up from the previous post , we have prepared our Vm’s for the service Fabric Installation , and…

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How to use SharePoint Storage for External Users in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  Organizations often use a combination of SharePoint Online and Dynamics 365 for data storage, as Dynamics 365 is optimized for database record storage not  attachments or file storage, attachments fill the Dynamics 365 storage instantly. If we compare the SharePoint…

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Create Leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from MailChimp Activity

  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MailChimp can communicate with each other and can handle data synchronization. In this blog, we’ll see how to create Leads, Accounts and Contacts from MailChimp Campaigns to MS CRM on daily basis. How…

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Import Entity Assets in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

  Many important features have been added with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365. One is, Extension in Entity Assets .We don’t have to do anything special to use this functionality; we just have to select specific entity…

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On-Premise Dynamics vs. Dynamics 365: There’s a World of Difference

Dynamics 365 is the bright future of CRM and ERP, but moving from the on-premise model to the cloud has presented some interesting challenges for partners. Read more… On-Premise Dynamics vs. Dynamics 365: There’s a World of Difference

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