Create/Modify Site Map by using designer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Modifying the Site Map in a Dynamics CRM application can be a precarious and tricky task if you are not using any relying party tools for this. Fortunately, in the December 2016 update, Microsoft included an in-application Site…

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Scheduling recurring workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (Cloud)

Dynamics 365 CRM doesn’t have the flexibility to schedule reoccurring workflows in terms of weekly, monthly or daily basis. In any case, there is a work-around that uses the CRM workflow “wait” step and child workflow to accomplish…

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How to change Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instance URL in Portal

  Customers sometimes want to change the URL once created for the Dynamics 365 instance. This blog is aimed to help fellow Dynamics 365’ers with getting the Dynamics 365 URL change in Portal with either a production / sandbox…

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