Azure machine learning in D365 finance & operations

Hi all,   In today’s post I am going to demonstrate how to use Demand Forecasting using D365 and Azure Machine Learning. Go to the Demand Forecasting Parameters using the following navigation: Master planning–>Setup–>Demand forecasting–>Demand forecasting parameters Set…

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SSRS Report development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

Hi guys, Today in this blog I will be demonstrating the procedure for the SSRS Reports development and customization in D365FO. Before proceeding with the Development or customization make sure that you have created a new model for…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Extensions concluded

As we are aware of Overlayering concept used in previous version of AX where we used to modify metadata and source code, in higher layers which may increase the cost of upgrading a solution to newer version. In AX7 onward…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 authentication method for consuming web services

In this tutorial i will explain how to authenticate your application from azure active directory to perform operations on Dynamics 365. So there are ways to authenticate your application Using username and Password Using app/client id and secret…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO extensions – forms, classes, reports

Hey guys, I am back with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) for Finance and Operations blog. In D365 to overcome over layering Microsoft introduced Extensions. So that’s what my blog will be about. Lets start with class extension.…

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DiskSpd – a Microsoft standard tool for IO subsystem sizing

Disk latencies play a vital role in the performance degradation for any OLTP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX, D365 and Dynamics CRM. Optimized IO lead to the optimal software performance. Microsoft has set the following threshold for the…

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How to un-mark locked payment transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365

When trying to apply a payment to an invoice in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations a person with a cross icon is displayed on the Settle transactions form. Typically, you could click on Inquiry> Specifications to see…

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Dynamics 365 for Operations – deploying AXPulse security reports package

AXPulse is famous for developing world class products and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics AX. One of the hottest products developed by AXPulse, are the Security Reports. Security Reports Steps to deploy the package: 1. Download the deployable package…

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