Vendor specific item number

In AX, it is possible to assign vendor specific item number with master product. Select a product in Released products listpage and on Purchase action pane tab, under Related information group, open External item description form. On this…

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Copy company data in AX 2012

When implementing AX, often times you want to copy master and setup data (not transactions) from an existing LE in AX 2012 to a newly created LE. One way is to create a definition group in existing LE…

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User Authentication in AX 2012

Just like in AX2009, the primary authentication method for users to access Dynamics AX is provided through Active Directory. This allows users to be setup to access Dynamics AX and allows administration of users name and password policies…

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3-way and 4-way matching

In Accounts Payable module of MS Dynamics AX 2012, 3-way matching can be configured for invoice to purchase order to product receipt. Any tolerances can be configured at the individual vendor level, vendor group or all vendors level…

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