Retail is one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors these days. Although, managing a retail store looks like a simple concept of buying from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and selling the goods at a profit to the end consumer. However, this is not as easy as it looks like. There are some peculiar challenges which retail organizations face on a daily basis like managing the accounting of their retail store, granularly analyzing the business expenditures and revenues, while keeping their customers satisfied and happy. As a result, it is common that both large and small retailers face impediments, whether it’s about maintaining a potential price point or serving customers interested in buying from their store.

AXPulse and Microsoft solutions bring functionality and technology for the Dynamic Retailer. Our solutions allows retailers to drive and manage business across channels, locally or globally, with technology and features that connect, empower, and provide insight to allow for proactive decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers one powerful cloud and on premises solution that connects retail enterprises from the back office and corporate supply chain, through to the store and end-consumer transactions. The solution will help you to drive business growth while managing and building your customer relationships.