Cross Company PM

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Cross Company Project Manager Assignment



In AX 2012 project management and accounting module you can assign a project manager, sales manager and project controller to the project. Only those employees or contractors can be assigned to the project in these three roles that originally belong to the project legal entity.

It is a very common practice in the services industry to loan employees across the legal entities within the same enterprise. So in a given scenario a project manager can be a person who is not originally employed to the project legal entity. A project manager plays a vital role in a project and involved in all sort of activities like approving the time sheet, project budget amendments etc. Through this AXPulse product you can now assign a cross-company project manager, project controller and sales manager. Project Timesheet Workflow has also been updated (document level approval) so that the PM can also review and approve the time-sheets, project budgets, project invoices even though he/she originally not employed to the project legal entity.


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