In today’s global marketplace, manufacturers rely on technology for product design, inventory management, resource utilization, production scheduling, process optimization, and more. They employ a mix of discrete, process, and lean manufacturing methods that are often managed through separate systems. This limitation makes it difficult to cost-effectively satisfy customer demands, particularly across multiple sites and geographies. The growth of contract manufacturing, emerging requirements for green manufacturing, and the diversity of the global workforce all accentuate shortcomings in many of today’s technology solutions.

To overcome these challenges, we have designed and developed solutions that let manufacturing workers perform their individual responsibilities more efficiently, whether in the office or on the shop floor, at any location around the world. Our technology solutions along with Microsoft world-class applications provides these capabilities while managing discrete, process, and lean manufacturing models with a single solution—and scheduling resources to jobs and operations across multiple locations.

The Microsoft vision for manufacturing is one in which workers in a wide range of manufacturing businesses access specific information easily and securely with the tools they need to perform their individual roles, from a single source – Microsoft Dynamics—from any location around the world. This unified approach enables each manufacturing business to run, and continuously improve, its own unique mix of manufacturing processes, across multiple sites and geographies. Microsoft Dynamics reflects the Microsoft commitment to deliver the breadth and depth of Microsoft innovation to manufacturers, to help them realize this vision.