Globalization, outsourced manufacturing, longer supply chains, and tighter product margins – whatever the challenge, effectively managing the supply chain has become even more complex than ever.

Using our solutions and services you can improve supply chain planning capabilities across your organization, using new views that display all intercompany supply and demand. In addition, planned intercompany demand is visible for upstream companies within the organization, and can be considered in master planning. Planning and management are also supported with a full view of intercompany order-pegging using a multilevel pegging form.

With recent Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, sales order process enhancements allow users to place orders in a more productive way, allowing faster order entry by limiting the amount of information to be entered. This permits easier access to sales order header or line details as well as expert features allowing users to modify default settings and customize sales orders. Other features include pricing enhancement to manage mass changes, smart rounding rules based on currency and amount, and translation of prices in multiple currencies based on a reference price list.