Microsoft Power BI Real Time Data Streaming

Hello guys, we are back once again with a very interesting and hot topic i.e: Real Time Data Streaming in Power BI. Yes, according to it name, you can capture data real time and update dashboards. Anything that…

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Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Hello people, we are back once again with another exciting blog related to Microsoft Power BI. As we all know, Power BI offers you to connect with what matters to you. It does not matter which type of…

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Power BI Configurations for D365 Demo VM (Enabling Tiles and Exposing Demo VM Data)

Today , i will share the Steps necessary  , to integrate power Bi with the DAX 365 Demo VM , so that we can Develop , test , and Demonstrate Power Bi Capabilities on the Demo VM , Without using…

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Developing a Power BI Template

Hi everyone, we are back again with a new feature in the Power BI Desktop that we will cover in this blog post is Power BI Templates. This feature allows users to export a Power BI Desktop report…

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