Azure machine learning in D365 finance & operations

Hi all,   In today’s post I am going to demonstrate how to use Demand Forecasting using D365 and Azure Machine Learning. Go to the Demand Forecasting Parameters using the following navigation: Master planning–>Setup–>Demand forecasting–>Demand forecasting parameters Set…

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Discount Implementation by Custom Utility based on Product Style in AX 2012 Retail

Hello guys, we are back once again with a very interesting topic, In retail we can apply discount based on Product Category or based on Product Variant which requires a manual effort. In your business you may meet…

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Using Custom Data Entities to Import Data from Excel in Dynamics 365 FO

Data Entities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are much like target entities in AX2012. There are the various loads that come pre-built out of the box for you to use at go-live and then potentially even…

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 (FO) URL parameters

In this post I will discuss different query strings parameters which can be passed in D365 Finance and Operations. Following are the list of Query strings parameters which works with D365 Finance and Operations: f mi cmp prt…

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List page and Details page deployment on AX 2012 Enterprise portal

The very first thing came to our mind when we think about Development in Enterprise Portal is deploying listpage which is quite easy and quick. So let’s get done with it. Deploying Listpage On EP Create a display…

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SSRS Report development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

Hi guys, Today in this blog I will be demonstrating the procedure for the SSRS Reports development and customization in D365FO. Before proceeding with the Development or customization make sure that you have created a new model for…

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How to fix/hide suspended values in financial dimension lookup for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

There are certain events where you want to display specific financial dimension values for certain entities. That’s where it comes in. Suppose you have a financial dimension with following values shown in snapshot & you have two entities…

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AX 2012 Mobile device add drop down lists

Hey guys, today my blog will be providing the information on how to add a dropdown (combo box) to the mobile device portal screen. In Item Inquiry, we have to enter the whole item number correctly in order…

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Fix for the lookup error in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ‘More than one form was opened…’

After implementing lookup in D365 I encountered an error “More than one form was opened at once for the lookup control” while interacting with control as shown below. Lookup Code FormControlEventHandler(formControlStr(SalesTable, LC_AssetGroup_LC_AssetId), FormControlEventType::Lookup)] public static void LC_AssetGroup_LC_AssetId_OnLookup(FormControl sender, FormControlEventArgs e) { Query …

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