The AXPulse health care solution for Speech Therapy Centers is an integrated solution that takes patients and healthcare professionals organized together. AXPulse online patient portal gives patients to access personal health records at any time, from anywhere via an Internet-connected device. With the speech therapy patient portal, patients can bring up to date their private info and finish health forms in advance to go to see their therapist or doctor. A new payment functionality is also a part of this solution which allows users to generate patient specific payment records against the processed and partially paid invoices. This not only reliefs patients to decrease waiting times for patients, but it lets staff to spend fewer time on administrative jobs.

Application Architecture

  • Built using Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Portal
  • Supports OData Integration with other ERP applications
  • Supports Web Development languages and scripting languages
  • Supports all cloud platforms and various browsers