Integration of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage with Dynamics 365 (cloud) CRM

By integrating your Dynamics 365 Portal with Azure Blob Storage you can enjoy the quality of having a superior or more favorable position to save your files without using dynamics space. It have the same look and feel as you…

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AXPulse Integration tool for MailChimp & Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2016 on-premises

  Are you looking to blast thousands of thousands emails to you prospects and track their statistics back into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM as leads, contacts and accounts instantly? Then your wait is over now. As AXPulse proudly presents…

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Setting up the Development Environment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  In this blog I will let you know about the importance of DEV environment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and How you will create it by using PROD database. Importance of DEV environment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM  You…

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Create Leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from MailChimp using API

  Now a days, bulk email applications are very common in the market such as MailChimp. AXPulse has integrated MailChimp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM application using the MailChimp API. Now you can send bulk emails to your prospects…

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Using MailChimp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  Introduction to MailChimp: Mail Chimp is one of the best marketing tool that can easily be integrated with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By using it you can not only Create and send bulk emails to hundreds…

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Marketo with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  I like to share my experience with you, as I have worked with one of our clients who use Marketo as a Marketing Automation integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I found it very interesting and want you…

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How to Import and Use AXPulse CRM Product | AXPAccountsProducts

About AXPulse CRM Free Product of the Month By importing this AXPulse CRM Product, you can easily watch the numbers of sold products, by their names, units, per unit and total amount that has been charged against them…

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