Microsoft Dynamics 365 Processes

  Hello guys, hope you all are good. Today we have an exciting topic i.e: Dynamics 365 processes. So without further delay, lets see this. Dynamics 365 processes empower you to demonstrate real-life business processes. When displaying your…

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Azure Active Directory Authentication in Angular 2

Hello guys, we are back here once again but this time, with a unique and the most interesting hot topic i.e: Authentication of Azure AD with Angular. Yes, it sounds interesting. Before proceed further, I would like to…

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Adding Offline Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile Apps

Hello guys , we are back once again with same previous topic i.e: Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Apps but with a new exciting and very much interesting feature that can be added with it i.e: offline capability. It sounds…

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Development of iOS apps using Xamarin for Microsoft Dynamics

Hello guys.. we are back once again with another hot topic i.e: Development of iOS apps using Xamarin for Microsoft Dynamics. It sounds much innovative and interesting. Briefly, we will cover which platform we are using, application architecture…

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Cross-platform mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Hello Guys.. Hope you all are fine. We are back once again with an interesting and exciting topic i.e: Mobile App Development for Dynamics AX. Currently, we are in the age of Mobile technology. Some statistics shows some great…

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Microsoft Power BI Real Time Data Streaming

Hello guys, we are back once again with a very interesting and hot topic i.e: Real Time Data Streaming in Power BI. Yes, according to it name, you can capture data real time and update dashboards. Anything that…

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Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Hello people, we are back once again with another exciting blog related to Microsoft Power BI. As we all know, Power BI offers you to connect with what matters to you. It does not matter which type of…

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