How to Create a New App Module in Microsoft Dynamics 365

With many new features, Dynamics 365 offers New App development feature also. It is the most exciting and demanding feature of Dynamics 365. With this feature we can create new apps in Dynamics 365 or edit the current…

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How to use SharePoint Storage for External Users in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  Organizations often use a combination of SharePoint Online and Dynamics 365 for data storage, as Dynamics 365 is optimized for database record storage not  attachments or file storage, attachments fill the Dynamics 365 storage instantly. If we compare the SharePoint…

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Create Leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from MailChimp Activity

  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MailChimp can communicate with each other and can handle data synchronization. In this blog, we’ll see how to create Leads, Accounts and Contacts from MailChimp Campaigns to MS CRM on daily basis. How…

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Import Entity Assets in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

  Many important features have been added with the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365. One is, Extension in Entity Assets .We don’t have to do anything special to use this functionality; we just have to select specific entity…

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How to change Microsoft Dynamics 365 Instance URL in Portal

  Customers sometimes want to change the URL once created for the Dynamics 365 instance. This blog is aimed to help fellow Dynamics 365’ers with getting the Dynamics 365 URL change in Portal with either a production / sandbox…

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