As Dynamics 365 have other extensive good features one of the interesting feature is to add the custom field without any develop

Almost in every implementation customer demand to add the field and consultant need to customize these field as per the requirements now with the platform update 13 and later user can add custom field without engage the technical resource, there is a limit to add 20 custom field in a table.

In my scenario I will add two custom field at the vendor form.

  1. Numeric field which will be used to maintain the old vendor number.
  2. Picklist which will be used as a lookup on the vendor form and I will add three type on the picklist and user will select the type when creating the vendor. 1. Goods 2. Services 3. Others


Following are the step to add custom field:-

Accounts payable>Vendors>All Vendors>Select vendor>Click on option tab then click on 2,3 and 4















After click on create new field following form will be appear and user need to define following criteria as per the requirements. First here I am adding Number type field on vendor form and I select the type as number I can select the other type as per the need and set name prefix and label as well. Finally click on save button then field will be add.




















Click Yes to continue.








After adding number field I will add here the picklist which will be used as to select the type of vendor on the vendor form. In this case I will select the type as picklist and the button of the form will add the types that I want in the picklist then click on save button picklist will be added.


















on the insert field form two field have been added I will select these two field then click on the insert button at the end then field will be available after refreshing the vendor form.

















The vendor old number and vendor type selection field is available on the vendor form. User can enter the vendor old number and can select the vendor type at the time of creating vendor.









If user want to delete the custom added field that no longer will be used so he can delete it as per following:-

System administration>setup>custom field

All custom added field will be available in this form user will select the table that he want to delete, in this I have select the vendtable.








Once you select the table it will show you the field that have been added by you in this table as per the snapshot, select the field that you want to delete then click on the delete button.




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