The very first thing came to our mind when we think about Development in Enterprise Portal is deploying listpage which is quite easy and quick. So let’s get done with it.

Deploying Listpage On EP

  • Create a display menuitem of list page
  • Right click on menuitem to deploy to EP which will create a new web menu item and page definition.
  • Right click on web menuitem on import page.
  • Right click on page definition to deploy element.
  • Note the url from webmenuitem.
  • Clear the cache via AOT or EP
  • Access the listpage by Pasting the webmenuitem url after your default or base EP Portal URL(System Administration -> Setup -> Enterprise portal -> Websites).
    e.g. http://(yourbaseurl)/sites/DynamicsAx/EmployeeServices/Enterprise%20Portal/TestMYLeaveRequestListPage.aspx?&WDPK=initial&WCMP=CONT.

Now follow the below steps to deploy details page (create and insert).

Details page on EP (insert and Edit).

  • Before anything make sure  to create a dataset with your datasource on it.
  • Create a new project with EP Web Application template.
  • Under project add existing item and choose EP User Control
  • Change the .ascx file with your dataset and fieldgroups
  • Change the .ascx.cs file to following code
  • Go to Project tab and add EP Proxy project
  • Deploy the project. This will create a new manage content item
  • Create two web menuitem for create and edit page
  • Set in parameter mode=1 for create and mode=2 for edit
  • Add the webmenuitem name to create and edit menutiem respectively
  • Clear the caches and reset IIS if necessary.


That’s how we implement a details page on EP. In the next tutorial I’ll be covering additional issues on details page which you may need during development on Enterprise portal
Let me know in comment if you face any issues.

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