There are certain events where you want to display specific financial dimension values for certain entities. That’s where it comes in.

Suppose you have a financial dimension with following values shown in snapshot & you have two entities A & B. What you need is to show 00, 01, and 02 financial dimension values for entity A & 03, 04 financial dimension values for entity B.

What you can do is go to form shown below via path General Ledger –> Setup –> Financial Dimensions –> Financial Dimension –> Financial Dimension Values

Then you can suspend financial dimension values 00,01,02 for entity B as shown below & suspend 03,04 financial dimension values for entity A.


Once you are done suspending values you may go to any form with financial dimension lookup like ProjTable.

As per our understanding 03 & 04 financial dimension values won’t show up for entity A but they will still show up. That’s where our customization comes in. You may go to Forms –> DimensionDefaultingLookup –> Methods –> init & write code as shown below


Once you are done with code, open up projTable form again & you will see suspended values for selected entity won’t be shown. Hope this piece helps.


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