Transfer Order (T.O) is an integral document to move inventory units from one warehouse to another of the same company, in order to maintain the right amount of stocks where they are needed the most.


  • Form an inventory transfer list
  • Process the inventory transfer
  • Ship the goods
  • Receive the inventory at destination warehouse

Now let us observe how it has managed by MS Dynamics NAV.

Process in NAV

For accomplishing the purpose of forming a transfer order (T.O), the user will fill in the order header and lines by following the path

Departments> Purchasing> Planning> Transfer Orders


Departments> Warehouse> Orders & Contracts> Transfer Orders


Departments> Manufacturing> Planning> Transfer Orders or it can directly be explored from the search bar.

On the T.O list page, click New from the Home tab of the Ribbon, which will expose the T.O form. On pressing enter, system will ascribe a number to the order as per number sequence systematized in the Numbering fast tab of the inventory setup.

User will now make a selection from the options available in Transfer from code, after selection, user will observe that fields within Transfer from fast tab has been auto populated.

Same as above, user will now elect from the preferences accessible as dropdown in the Transfer to code & witness that the fields in Transfer to fast tab has auto filled. After that user will fill the In Transit code field.

On expanding the lines fast tab, user will fill the necessary info like Item, Quantity, Qty. to Ship etc. in as many lines as per items to transfer. Moreover, user will now release the order by utilizing the Release option from the Release group of the Home tab. However, user can mention if the shipment is full or partial utilizing the Qty. to Ship field.

Furthermore, user will consume the Post availability in the Posting group of the Home tab. On consumption, a display will appear, on it user will hit OK after selecting Ship.

The next appearance of the demonstration will be similar to the illustration below, where Qty. to Ship, Quantity Shipped & Qty. to Receive can be easily perceived.

User can observe the posted shipment by utilizing the Shipments option from the Documents group of the Home tab as illustrated below.

If the user wishes to ship the quantity entirely than he can repeat the shipment method cited above or he can once again, reach out for the Post accessibility in the Posting group of the Home tab. On consumption, the same exhibition as previous will appear, this time user will hit OK after choosing Receive.

The resulting appearance of the demonstration will be comparable to the image below, where user can notice the Qty. to Ship, Quantity Shipped & Quantity Received.

User can spot the posted receipt by employing the Receipts choice from the Documents group of the Home tab as exemplified beneath.

Lastly, the user can validate the impression of the whole process as the item ledger entries showing three units of item 1000 have transferred to silver location from blue.

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