Hey guys, today my blog will be providing the information on how to add a dropdown (combo box) to the mobile device portal screen.

In Item Inquiry, we have to enter the whole item number correctly in order to get the information about the item.

I will add a functionality where user can type in the filter expression of an item and all related items will appear on the dropdown.

First we will need to make changes to the “WHSWorkExecuteDisplayInquiryItem” class, and add a piece of code in the “displayForm” method. I am adding a new case, this will create a new screen in which user can enter the filter expression

We will also add two new methods. The method “axpGetItems” will be used to query with a range of the filter expression the user has entered.

The method “axpBuildItemList” is the actual part which will build the combo box control.

After making the changes we will run the increamental CIL and run the Mobile device portal again.

As you can see we now have the functionality where user will not have to enter the whole item id, instead they can use the filter expression.


This is it from me. I will be back with more!

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