Today’s topic of discussion is Sales, which is a conjoint but recurrently used process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


For fulfilling the purpose of entering a sales quote, the user will fill in the quote header and lines by following the path

Navigation Pane> Home> Sales Quotes or it can directly be searched from the search bar.


On the sales quotes list page, click New from the Home tab of the Ribbon, which will expose the sales quote form. System will provide a number to the quote as per number sequence structured in sales & receivables setup.


After that, in the Sell-to Customer field, using the dropdown, select a customer. As shortly the user will select the customer, the system will auto occupy the information bars in the general & other related fast tabs. As portrayed in the above illustration.


Next, user will expand the Lines Fast Tab, and move the cursor to the first line. Fill in the Type field, selecting Item since it’s a sales quote. In the No. field, select an item from the alternatives accessible. Just after that user will notice that description field, displaying steric sign, will auto populate with other fields excluding the Quantity, placing steric on it.


After providing the quantity user will witness that one more time, few fields have auto populated. User can modify the Location if required and may block up other fields as per necessity.


Convert the Quote to a Sales Order

In command to convert the created, quote into sales order. User would use the Make Order possibility from the Process group on the Home tab in the ribbon.


On utilization, user will receive a confirmation memorandum, on clicking Yes another notification will appear acknowledging the number, system has assigned to the produced sales order.


Moreover, user will notice that sales quote is moved one-step & become sales order, no longer exist as a quote. If user wants to preserve the quote as well then there is an option Archive Document in the Functions group of the Action tab in the ribbon that keeps the quote as record.


Process the Sales Order


Navigation Pane> Home> Sales Order or it can directly be explored from the search bar.

From the list page select the created sales order and click edit, on the appeared window, the user will magnify the general fast tab, finding all the fields prefilled because the sales order has converted from the quote. On intensifying the lines fast tab user will have the liberty of partial shipment as well as invoicing by employing the Qty. to Ship and Qty. to Invoice fields on the lines fast tab.


Moving accelerative, leaving those fields empty, user will click the Post option from the Posting group in the Home tab of the Ribbon. After clicking, user will select Ship option from the seemed display & apply OK.


The sales order remains because it is still vulnerable for invoicing but it is completely shipped, and a posted sales shipment has generated.


To sight the posted sales shipment the user should consume the option Shipments in the Document group of the Home tab in the ribbon. This page provides an overview of all posted sales shipments for that sales order.


Currently only one shipment is registered for the sales order. Select that shipment, and then on the Home tab in the ribbon, click View. Click Close to close the Posted Sales Shipment page.


Now the user will process the invoice by again clicking the Post option from the Posting group in the Home tab of the Ribbon. Subsequently clicking, user will select Invoice option from the seemed display & apply OK.


The system will than acknowledge that invoice has posted which user can view on penetrating Posted Sales Invoices.



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