Today while working on one of our retail client we got an error on statement Posting on their retail store “Account number for transaction type Ledger journal does not exist”.

During debugging, i have found that in RetailStatementPost.PostPayment method the big difference account was not picking by the system for different payment types.This method posts the difference amount, bank drop, safe drop, card fee and tenders.

In our scenario the difference amount was found against cash and bank payment types and maximum difference amount was set to 0.00 against store. For payment type cash and bank the system was posting the difference amount to big difference account which was also not setup on the store. This missing account was leading to error “Account number for transaction type Ledger journal does not exist”.


In case difference goes beyond specified maximum difference that amount will be posted into Big difference account. Need to select account number.

big difference blank


Navigation of Big difference account setup is following:

Retail Store -> Setup -> Payment methods

After setting the Big difference account for payment type cash and bank on store the statement posted without any error and difference amount posted to specified account.

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