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While working with one of Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers I came to know of an interesting issue related to fixed asset depreciation.

I have used CRONUS demo database to reproduce and fix this issue.

Exact problem was that users was not able to run and create depreciation entries, once user executed calculate depreciation process below popup appeared:


After investigation I found that instead of performing the function of Cancellation user did reversal of fixed asset transactions which caused this issue. Due to this fixed asset last depreciation run date was not changed when depreciation transaction was reversed.

See below screen shot, here asset was acquired on 1-Jan-2018 and depreciation date is 31-Jan-2018.


However fixed asset depreciation transaction was reversed on same date. See below:


Solution for this was to cancel both depreciation transactions (Original and reversed) and then calculate and post depreciation again. Once a transaction is cancelled it is going to be removed from fixed asset ledger entries form, further last depreciation run date is also updated and in my case it is blank as this is first depreciation. See below:


See below, I have cancelled both transactions and the performed depreciation again.


Hence issue is resolved. Remember not to perform reversal function for fixed asset transactions to avoid such issues.

In case you face further issues please comment below and I’ll be more than happy to assist:)

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