A warehouse is a locality for keeping items, catering the needs for manufacturing, imports, exports, wholesales, transport, retail etc. Comprises of pick & drop ports, residing usually alongside different kinds of harbors. Possesses handling instruments as per essentials of the nature of objects.


Some Features

  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Put-A-Ways
  • Internal Picks
  • Warehouse Shipment


v Locations

In NAV, one of the essentials is location, which can be a production plant, showroom, retail store, distribution center etc. In this instance, it is a warehouse therefore; the user will utilize the selections provided in the warehousing fast tab as per requirements, and to unique the locations from each other.



v Warehouse Employee

In order to work and grasp the documents the user has to be a warehouse employee. Otherwise, system will not consent the user to have a look at the forms.


v Creating Bins

Bins has to be created within the warehouse for the purpose of tracking & storing the items as dedicated, default, fixed & floatable. Bins represents shelves in warehouse where items have placed.


Receive & Put-away

For utilizing the warehousing features, the user should receive a purchase order in such a location where the warehousing options exposed above are marked for application. In the Action tab, within the warehouse group of the ribbon, user should consume the option Create Whse. Receipt to receive the PO in the particular warehouse instead of using the Post option within the posting group of the ribbon. Which typically used for receiving in location not using warehouse features.


After that, user would search for the Warehouse Receipts list page & explore the receipt created by the system recently. In the window opened, user would easily observe that system is showing only the quantity received and not the amounts of purchasing, since it is a warehousing document. Moreover, the user will now post the receipt by using option Post Receipt provided in posting group of the home tab in the ribbon.


The above illustration shows that as soon the document have posted, the system has generated a put-away activity by its own so that the quantity received can be moved to an appropriate destination for efficient or designated storage if any.

Now the user should search out for Unassigned Put-Away list page & expose the fresh formed put-away. Next, user will observe the open page consist of two lines instead of one, distinguished by three fields Action type, Zone code & bin code.


Which guides the user from where the quantity has to be receive as well as placed in which bin, shelf or rack of the warehouse. At this point, the system will suggest the bin as per configuration but user also has the liberty not to use the system suggestion & assign a different bin for the content placement. By using the possibility, Register Put-Away in the ribbon user will put the content in the bin, which will increase the inventory in the items list.



Picking & Shipment

Now the discussion will comprise of how to pick from warehouse of the same location in command to ship the quantity in contradiction of a sales order. To perform this activity and create a shipment document, option Create Warehouse Shipment must bring into usage, conveying in familiarity of warehouse that required quantity has to pick & ship to the customer.


Next, the user will search out for Warehouse Shipments list page in order to sightsee the new produced document, for safe side quantity have to check & since it is a warehouse document, it does not contain the amounts. Now the user will use the Create Pick option from the pick group of the ribbon in order to tell the system who will pick the desired items or user can leave it blank so that any warehouse employee can pick it.



From the above image, observe that the system has generated a picking activity, which a user can find as Picks on searching in system. The fact to notice over here is that the shipment has been released but not been picked yet. Therefore the document status in the below diagram is empty.


On reconnoitering the fashioned pick, the user will yet again find two lines instead of one. From two lines system has shown, from where the quantity will be picked & placed for the shipment, on the same form the user will use the option of Autofill Quantity To Handle from the prepare group of the ribbon to tell the system that both the quantities will be handled at same time. After that, registration of the items should take place, employing the Register Pick, option from the ribbon.


Subsequently registering the items, user can observe the shipment is now been picked completely & the document status has been changed to Completely Picked.


As per walk around this manuscript, the user will get the preference to Post the shipment, which usually appears quickly if warehousing features, not been utilized on the desired locations.


Later sending, the shipment user can observe the change in inventory by reaching out for items & check the bin content of the item shipped, which has reduced by the shipping quantity.










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