Email invoice to customer from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Here I am just mentioning the procedure that how we can configure email Setup in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 to send the invoice directly to customer.

Following are the setups which need to configure initially:


Select Accounts receivable (1) >> Setup >> Forms >> Form Setup (2)

Once you open the Form setup, In General tab you can see the Print management Button (3) where you just need to click and select the Sales order invoice (4) option and finally select the name of the copy (5)

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Second Step:

Once you have done the above activity further you need to configure email parameter, and for this configuration go to the Administration >> Setup >> Email Parameter and then mention all the required Credentials

Third Step:

After configuring the Email Parameter then you need to configure batch group for the email batch and for this purpose you need to go on Administration >> Setup >> Batch group.

Fourth step:

You need to configure OUTLOOK email ID for sending the email to the customer, so once you complete this activity finally you just need to mention customer email ID on customer setup for sending the auto email for invoice.

Screen Navigation:

Account Receivable >> Select customer >> and open the concern customer >> Click on setup button and select Print management option, So once you go to the print management option just select sales invoice option and mention the customer email ID.

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Last Step:

Go to the account receivable module and select invoice which you need to send auto email to the customer from AX, So Just click on preview/print option and finally select the user print management option. Once you select the option system will automatically send email to the customer.

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