With many new features, Dynamics 365 offers New App development feature also. It is the most exciting and demanding feature of Dynamics 365. With this feature we can create new apps in Dynamics 365 or edit the current app using the App designer.

It consists of six components:
1. Site Map
2. Charts
3. Dashboards
4. Business Process Flows
5. Views and
6. Forms.

In this blog, I will show step by step of how to create a simple dynamics app . For starting the creation of new App Module,

1. Go to Settings –>Applications –> My Apps


2. We can see all the published apps here. Click on Create New App


3. Name & Unique Name: Give the Name and Unique Name to the app as shown in the below diagram, both are mandatory fields.

Description: We can write the description of the App too.

Icon: we can use the default icon for our app or choose the another one.

Client : We can select one of the two interfaces in Web and Unified Interface

App URL Suffix : This suffix is used in default URL to make the app URL

4. If we want to make the App from scratch and don’t want to use the existing solution, keep the use existing solution to create the App unchecked. Click done, app will be created.



5. If we want to use the existing solution or some of the features of the existing app. Mark check on use existing solution to create an app, as shown in the screenshot. Click Next to select the solution.


6. Select the solution from the dropdown.

7. We can use or edit the existing sitemap or configure the sitemap for the app later by mark the checkbox Configure the site map later. Click done. 6

7. New App is created,now we can edit the canvas  according to our requirements. Click on the Site map arrow to configure the Site Map for our app.


8.  Here we can see three components:

1. Area : Main Module (Sales in our example)

2. Group : Category (My Work)

3. Sub area : Entities, dashboards, reports (Appointments)


9. Add the New Subarea according to the organization’s  or department’s requirement. Select the Type and choose the entity’s name.



10.  Click Save and Publish. It will take few  seconds to publish the Site map.10

11.  Save and Publish the app. We can Add/ Delete as many dashboards and forms as we want. Click on Save and Close. This will redirect to the apps page.11

12.  We can see our app by Settings –> My Apps


13. We can also see the app from Dynamics 365 main menu.




14. Our app is ready to use with the new Site map as shown below.



In this blog, I have tried to show few things that the App designer and Site Map designer can do. I hope you found this blog helpful for the development of new App.  Happy CRMing!

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