Production control module is an essential part in conducting business operations for manufacturing industries using MS Dynamics AX. Many of them integrate Warehouse management along with production to keep better track of their raw materials.

In this blog, I’m going to demonstrate a complete production cycle along with steps performed at the warehouse level.

Step 1: Create a production order, add item and desired production quantity:



Please note that at this stage your inventory transaction status should be “Ordered” and will remain so till the production order is “Reported as Finished”.


Step 2: Estimate the newly created production order. At estimation, the system checks the availability of the raw materials required in formula of the production item.


Step 3: Release the production order. At release, the system releases the production order to the warehouse for picking and putting raw materials by creating production wave.

5   6

Step 4: Process and release production wave. At this stage, system will check the shelf life of raw materials and create work order(s) for picking and putting raw materials via WMS mobile device portal. The shelf lives of your raw materials should be greater than “Production end date”.

7   8

Step 5: Pick and put raw materials from WMS mobile device portal. You can open WMS portal to perform this step from following navigation: (Make sure you have a user created for login)

Open Development workspace > AOT > Menu items > Action > WHSWorkExecute

9      arrow     10     

 arrow 11   arrow   12

Before moving forward, create target license plate. You need to create one target license plate for each pick/put cycle. One work order can have multiple pick/put cycles, after completing all those cycles work order status will be “Closed”.


Now continue with pick/put process:

14  arrow  15  

arrow  16

Repeat this step for each pick/put cycles until your work order(s) is “Closed”.

Step 6: Start production order. As all your raw materials are picked and put for production, go back to your production order and start the production.


Step 7: Report production order as finished. Once your production is completed, report it as finished. You can do it either from AX client or from WMS mobile device portal. You can also perform partial report as finished for your production.

18   arrow  21

After all your production quantity is reported as finished, the inventory transaction status will be changed to “Received”. In case of partial report as finished, you will only see only report as finished quantity as “Received”.


Step 8: End production order. End your production once all of the production quantity is produced.


The inventory transaction status will be “Purchased” after this step.


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