Organizations often use a combination of SharePoint Online and Dynamics 365 for data storage, as Dynamics 365 is optimized for database record storage not  attachments or file storage, attachments fill the Dynamics 365 storage instantly.

If we compare the SharePoint storage cost from Dynamics storage its is very cheap about $0.20 per GB/Month compared to CRM’s which is $10/GB/Month. So SharePoint space is around 50 times cheaper than Dynamics 365 space. To save the money we can use SharePoint Online Integration with Dynamics CRM as this is the ideal and efficient way to use SharePoint with Dynamics 365.  We can use the SharePoint storage in Dynamics 365 for external users(Anonymous users or users without licenses) by following the below steps for the specific entity:

1. Create the record for the entity in which you want to attach the documents.


2.  Click on the record –> arrow –> Documents


3. Document Associated Grid will be opened. There you can create new document or upload the existing one, as shown in the figure.


4.  Select Dynamics 365 folder as Documents on Default site1 or the site you have set as default.


5. We can see the attached document with the document location as SharePoint


6. Now go to the Admin Centre –> SharePoint


7.  Site Collection will be opened. Select you Site


8. You can see the Entity list, you had configured for SharePoint document management.


9. Click on the Contact List, you can see all the folders of Contact records.


10.   Click on ellipsis –> Copy Link


11.  Select the option “Anyone with the link can View”


You can share this URL to external users via Dynamics 365 Portal, Workflows or directly to the user. You can also set the expiration duration of the URL from 1-730 days by following the below steps:

1.  Admin Centre –>Settings –> Security & Privacy –> Sharing –> Edit –>Site Settings



Your attachments in Dynamics 365 will now be stored in SharePoint. By this way you can save up to 70% on Storage Costs.




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