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Hello, we are back once again with a phenomenal topic i.e. How to modify the Retail POS receipt.
Retail POS is an important Retail component which is used to perform day to day sales and purchase activity at retail stores.

Retail POS receipt is a customer receipt which is printed after completing single or multiple sales transactions for a particular customer.
Before you modify your POS receipt you must have Retail SDK (from AX Setup), Visual Studio 2013 and Tools for Visual Studio 2013 (from AX Setup).


1. Open Microsoft Dynamics AX (Run as Administrator), Open Retail -> Setup -> Profile -> Receipt Profile.

Step 1
2. Receipt Profile opens, Click on Design Tab to open the Receipt Design.

Step 2
Step 3(Its design has three parts: Header, Lines and Footer).

3. Suppose we want to modify the Invoice Comment field, you will open the visual studio to modify the field by changing some code in it. It’s pretty simple. Open the Services of Retail SDK from Documents -> Retail SDK CU9 -> Retail POS Plugins -> Services -> Services.sln.

Note: Make sure that the Retail SDK version is the same as Retail POS. Example: If your POS is version R3 CU9 you should also upgrade to CU9 your Retail SDK.
Add references that are missing in your project. You can find this .dll in Retail POS folder(C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft Dynamics AX \ 60 \ Retail POS).

4. Modification of code happens in the FormModulation.cs file in the Printing service. There are a number of “GetInfo” methods, code values for the header and footer fields are handled in the GetInfoFromTransaction() method, for lines it is the GetInfoFromSalesLineItem() method. We are changing just the return value of Invoice comment field to 0 and then build the solution. Below is the simplest change of code.

Step 4
5. After building the solution copy the Prining.dll file from C:\Users\Administrator.AXP-DANISH.000\Documents\Retail SDK CU9\POS Plug-ins\Services\Printing\obj\Debug and replace it from the .dll of printing on path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Retail POS\Services. This replacement make changes to the POS Receipt.

Step 5a
Step 5b
 6. Now run Retail POS, Enter Operator ID (Worker Personnel Number in the Retail Store and Password.
Step 6a Step 6b

7. In show journal option open the receipt, It will show the “0” string which you return in the invoice comments.

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