Hello guys, we are back once again with a very interesting and hot topic i.e: Real Time Data Streaming in Power BI. Yes, according to it name, you can capture data real time and update dashboards. Anything that takes to create visual or dashboards in Power BI usually can also be created to display and visualize your real time data. The sources can be anything from which one can capture or receive real time data. This blog tells you what type of datasets are there and how you can push those in Power BI for amazing visualization.

There are three(3) types of real time data sets that can be collected for dashboard:

  • Push Dataset
  • Streaming Dataset
  • PubNub Streaming Dataset

Lets have a brief and short look over these datasets.

Push Dataset

Data is pushed into the Power BI service. And on creation of dataset, Power BI service creates a new database to store and save the data and anyone can then create reports with that data. It means you can use all of the Power BI’s facilites and options regarding report making features to make an interesting report. You can then pin any visual to the dashboard. Visuals can be updates itself whenever data is updated.

Pinning an entire report page as live page will not result in data to be automatically updated.

Streaming Dataset

Streaming Data is pushed into the  Power BI service as temporary cache, which can be quickly expired. It means Power Bi service will not create database for this. So it means you can not build reports with those visuals which you use normally. The only way to make visualization is the use of custom streaming data source. They are optimized for quickly and effectively displaying real-time data.

PubNub Streaming Dataset

They are just similar to Streaming Dataset but in this, Power BI web client uses PubNub SDK to read and capture PubNub data stream and therefor data is not stored by Power BI service.

For some detailed information about datasets, you can refer to this.

Now lets go towards building a real time dashboard..

1) First of all I hope you have a Power BI account so please sign in, then go to ‘My Workspace’, then on top right corner you will be having Create option and then Streaming dataset.



2) Select PubNub and click Next button


3) Give name to your dataset and input other information.


4) After clicking Next, you will be provided values for stream. Just click Create button to save the dataset.

5) Now go to the Dashboards  and under + Create option you will find Dashboard.

6) In Add Tile pane, in Real-Time Data section, you will find Custom Streaming Data.


7) Now under you datasets, you will find your newly created dataset. By selecting it you can make changes and provide further more details regarding tile.

This is all about PubNub Real Time Dataset. You can also select ‘API’ option in Streaming Dataset.


Then you will be required to enter some information. There is an option ‘Historic Data Analysis’. It is disable by default. By enabling it, dataset becomes both as well as a push datset.


There is also an another option coming now which is named as ‘Azure Stream Analytics’. But you have to first setup your Azure Stream Analytics. They will be surfacing this feature shortly on Power Bi.

So enjoy this interesting feature of Power BI and visualize and present you real time data with a real time look. Stay tuned for more exciting blogs on Power BI and other platforms. Thankyou and Stay safe!

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