Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is not ideal structured to store the attachments and documents. In CRM, users mostly use Notes Attachments functionality to store the documents. There were several ways to integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics CRM but they got depreciated. Now the most common and efficient way is to use server based SharePoint Integration.

The advantage of integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are the following:

  • SharePoint Storage: 10 GB standard ($0.20 per GB additional).
  • Microsoft CRM Storage: 5 GB Standard ($10 per GB additional).
  • Gives the interface to help OneNote joining with CRM.
  • Gives the interface to help OneDrive joining with CRM.

Pre–requisites before applying integration:

  • User needs to have Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3.
  • User needs to be a global administrator of Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enable Server Based SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Steps to configure server side SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM:

  1. Navigate to Settings ->Document Management.Click Enable server-based SharePoint integration.e1
  2. When you tap on Enable server-based SharePoint integration, a wizard will open, read the description and click on next button.e3
  3. Now another wizard will open select online option and then click next.e4
  4. Now another wizard will open enter your SharePoint valid site URL and click next.e5Now the below message will be displayed saying that Server Based SharePoint Integration is completed and under Document Management Settings, setup the folders for respective entities.


  5. Now open document management under the Setting Tab and select Document Management Settings.e10
  6. Select the entities in which you want to enable the document management and enter the SharePoint site URL.
    e8Now the user can see the status of all entities enabled for document management.e9

Now you will be able to store the documents on SharePoint by using the following steps.

  1. Now go to any of the entity on which you have enabled Document management feature on and open the drop down arrow besides the record title and select Documents tab.e10
  2. Now the new Document Associated Grid will be opened for the particular record, click on the upload button and select Dynamics 365 Folder to default SharePoint site as shown below.e11

    Select the file you want to store on SharePoint site and you will see the selected file will be visible under the Document Associated Grid for that specific record.


    Hence by utilizing above basic advances, SharePoint Integration can be empowered in CRM to store all the CRM related Documents.

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