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There are a world of scenarios in which companies needs to integrate payment gateway with dynamics AX.
In U.S there are many payment gateway like, PayPal and Forte which provide ACH/Direct Debit and other payment facilities.

In this post I’ll specifically focus on how to integrate Forte payment gateway with dynamics AX using


Before integrating first you need to make a custom service to consume data from Dynamic AX .You can get the reference on how to create custom service using AIF from here (forget the POWER BI Part).

So for an instance you have amount field in Dynamic AX which sync in local db (just a scenario) now all you want to do is to pay that amount using payment gateway.

Now brings different ways to integrate your application with it depending upon your business requirement.

  1. Forte.js (for validation and creating one time token)

With Forte.js you can validate credit card/eChecks while maintaining UI by yourself .Forte.js minimizes PCI compliance standards by sending customer sensitive data directly to Forte server.

What you need to do is to include Forte.js client side JavaScript library on your web page and pass the required/mandatory parameter (account number, name on card, CVV etc.) to forte.js and after successful validation it will return a single use token to  create transaction.

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You can find all documentation here


  1. Forte Checkout

Forte Checkout is the simplest yet quickest way to integrate it with your application and you don’t need to worry about complex security implications that arise when credit card or eChecks hit your server instead forte checkout provide its own payment form(UI) which reduces PCI exposure and easy way to proceed transactions.

You can find all documentation for forte checkout here

Sample project for web form is here

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Limitations of Forte Checkout:

  1. CVV is mandatory: Sometimes user aims to save multiple card and only needs to enter cvv just before proceeding transaction or for only default payment method, well forte checkout doesn’t allow you that.
  2. Add another card: adding another card UI is not user friendly .you have to go to edit payment method then there you will find add another card option.
  3. Amount is mandatory: in forte checkout even when method type is schedule you have to enter amount .Consider a scenario in which user’s bill changes every month like your cellular call/data expense depending upon his usage so you may not need amount field but it is mandatory.

These are the obvious limitation you will find when you try to integrate forte checkout besides that forte checkout provides many useful feature as well like hiding optional fields from UI (modal window) etc.

  1. Forte web API v3

Now there’s comes a point where you have no option left but to integrate your application through REST/SOAP web services. Forte’s  API provide complete flexibility between merchant and partner to perform range of operations from creating customer to make complex transactions.

You can find all documentation for REST API v3 here

You can also find .Net wrapper for rest API in documentation but it’s based on v2, there are few changes to make so I have converted from v2 to v3 you can download it from here.

By using either Forte checkout or Forte web API you can integrate your application with Dynamic AX.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helped you in some manner.

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