Dear Users, as per my review of Quality Management functionality of MS Dynamics AX, I came across some useful features which I think have not been much explored, therefore, writing this blog to share the cognizance.

Quality Management

A quality management is a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality objectives. Quality management ensures that an organization, its products or services are consistent.


Following are the prerequisites which need to be configured in order to use Quality Management:

1.     Parameters

In order to use the functionality of Quality management, user should reach out for Quality Management Tab by following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Inventory and Warehouse Management Parameters, and then mark the checkbox to activate QM.


2.     Store Areas

Tests need to be performed physically therefore in system store areas needs to be set up by following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Inventory Breakdown > Store Areas

Store Areas

3.     Test Instruments

After setting up the testing areas testing instruments needs to be set up in the system to perform the tests by following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Quality Control > Test Instruments

Test Instruments

4.     Tests:

Tests are used to determine whether quality processes meet predefined specifications and standards. Therefore Tests are set up, edit, and could be viewed by following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Quality Control >Tests


5.     Test Variables:

By following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management> Setup >Quality Control > Test Variables some variables are defined that shows association with a qualitative test. These variables describes the acceptability and unacceptability of the results.

Test Variables

6.     Test Groups:

The Test groups form is used to set up, edit, and view test groups and the individual tests that are assigned to a test group by following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Quality Control > Test Groups. The test group on the quality order determines the set of tests that will be performed.

Test Groups

Creation of Quality Order:

It can be created by 2 ways:

1.     Automatic Quality Order Generation

Now let’s discuss how a user can make Quality orders automatically based on criteria that will be defined in the Quality association’s form, such as generating a QO at the time of product receipt for a product by following & fulfilling the requirements in path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Setup > Quality Control > Quality Associations

The Quality associations form supports multi-site feature, if a site is specified, then quality order will be created only for that specific site.

Let’s click New on Quality Association’s form & provide site to it, select a site or we can keep it blank if we do not want to make association for a specific site. In the Reference Type field, select from the options to tell the system within which process you want to run the quality process, for example, Purchase.

Now the user will select value for the Item Code in order to let the system know whether he/she is making this for a single product (Table), (Group) for a group of products or (all) for all the products. Then select Item & Account Code field same as item code.

After this the user needs to move on to Timing fast tab to view or enter an Event Type. The options in this field is selected by user to tell the system at which stage the system should get triggered & make QO within the selected business process as reference type. For example, the applicable transaction for a purchase order includes the receipts list, registration and the product receipt. In the Execution field, selection among “before” or “after” will be made, depending on when to create the quality order, in relation to the selection of the Event type field.

Quality Associations

Moving on to Quality Order Process Fast Tab, over here user gets an option to block a document, if selected in Event Blocking. The quality order must be completed before the selected document can be generated otherwise it will be blocked. Optionally user can select Quarantine upon Validation Failure to automatically quarantine any failed quality orders and block them from being used.

Furthermore moving towards Specifications Fast Tab the user needs to select a testing group from the options provided in the Test group field, after that the Effective and Expiration dates for the association will be provided as well as the Item sampling to determine what amount should be quality tested. Lastly the user will suggest a percentage in the Acceptable Quality Level field, in order to tell system the percentage of items that must pass for the quality order to pass overall.

After all this process, the association of a particular item has been completed by the user. Now the user will just have to run the purchase process normally, for the item associated, in order to create the quality order automatically at the point of product receipt.

Auto Generated

2.     Manual Quality Order Generation

Dear users for making  Quality Order (QO) manually, a user needs to open a new QO by clicking on new button by following the path Inventory and Warehouse Management > Periodic > Quality Management > Quality Orders. Now the user will create a new quality order by providing the following specifications in References Fast Tab:

  1. First select from the options provided as the Reference Type, for example, Sales.
  2. Then select the customer account from the drop down as Account Selection.
  3. After that same drop down selection needs to be done for Reference Number.
  4. Moreover user will select the lot as Reference Lot.

Quality Orders (1)

Among the system generated lots, there can be a single lot as well as multiple lots. The user have the liberty to choose a lot among the multiple lots for quality check.

Now in the Identification Fast Tab the user will see that system has generated a Quality Order number itself & has picked the Item Number as well as the Product Name with the help of reference number. After this the user will select a Test Group from the drop down according to the product & will provide a Quantity to check for quality.

Moving towards Inventory Dimensions Fast Tab the user will observe that system has auto picked the product’s dimensions such as configuration, size, color, style, site, warehouse etc.

Since all the required specification have been provided, now the user will click OK button to return back to the main QO’s window to move the process further.

In the bottom pane, select any line of Test and then, click Results. In the Result Quantity field, provide quantity and then in the Outcome drop-down select from the appearing options. Close the Quality Order Line Results form & then repeat the same for all the lines available in bottom pane. After completing all the lines, in the Quality Orders form, click Validate. In the Validated by field, select name of the user & then hit OK button.

Quality Orders

Now the user will notice that the Status field for the quality order has been changed into pass or fail as per the options selected as results of the tests in outcome drop down. The user can now close the Quality Orders form.

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