Hey guys, Today I will be giving you a little bit info on how I am upgrading AX 2012 code to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

We know that development in D365  is quite different from AX 2012.

In AX 2012 I have a table called PRLParameters, with custom fields. This table is no longer used in D365, its called PayrollParameters. So how do I add my custom fields to it? Extensions!

Right click on the table in the application explorer and select “Create Extension”, this adds an extension of the table to the project.


You can add a new field by right clicking on the extension and selecting Open.


Right click on the fields node –> New –> Enum to add a new field to the extension.


Open the properties of the field to change its name.


Similarly I needed to add the field to the Field Groups. This time right click on the Field Groups node and click New Group.


Give the group a name and add the field you just added


I also need to add custom methods to standard class. I can use extensions in that too but this time I won’t be creating extension from the application explorer. What I do is I directly add a class in my project.

Right click on the project –> add –> new item –> class. Make sure the name of the class ends with _Extension.


How will AX know this is an extension of some class? Just add an annotation on the class: [ExtensionOf(classStr(“Class Name”))]. Now we can add our custom methods in here.


That’s it for this part guys. Hope this will be useful. I will be back with some new stuff as I keep exploring D365.


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