Today , i will share the Steps necessary  , to integrate power Bi with the DAX 365 Demo VM , so that we can Develop , test , and Demonstrate Power Bi Capabilities on the Demo VM , Without using any Azure Premium Subscriptions .

1) In Order to Make Power BI Tiles Visible on the Work Spaces Follow the Steps , mentioned in this LINK , Redirection URL Will be Devbox base URL , I.e  and Home URL Could be Any Thing , Once that configurations are done , you will successfully be able to pin Tiles From Account .

Note :- Power BI Embedded Content Wouldn’t be Visible with that , it requires a Azure service , that is only available through subscription for multi box Environments  , Although u can download all Embedded Content From LCS  Global Shared Project  Library and can configure for your Custom Work spaces .

2) Now in Order to Expose Demo vm data to Power account you need to Configure Data Gateway on you Demo VM  that can be downloaded from ,Log into your PowerBI account and download Data Gateway available in the Download Section , Left Corner,then follow these Steps

  • When installing the gateway choose the “on premises data gateway” option.
  • You will then be asked to log in to the PowerBI account you’ve created Earlier .
  • You will be prompted to name your gateway and create a gateway recovery key.
  • Log into your PowerBI account. Click on the gear icon and then on “Manage Gateways”.
  • Click on the “Test all connections” button. If the gateway computer is turned on the screen should display the “Online: you are good to go” message.
  • Add a data source to the gateway,Configure it to Point to your local Database , i.e AXDB , or AXDW , use basic as authentication method ,and AOSUser/AOSWebSite@123 username/password combination.
  • Do Refresh Aggregate measurements in Entity Store System Administration -> Entity Store: if you are using AXDW Database.
  • use power BI Desktop to Publish your Content to Power BI .com account .

so , that’s it , after this you would  be able to publish your BI Content on your PowerBI Account  ,and can pin tiles  to your Custom Work spaces With in D365 Environment , In my Next Post I will share how you can Configure Power Apps in Conjunction with Your Demo VM

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