AXPulse team was recently involved in yet another upgrade project. The customer was a manufacturing  giant, had around 12 legal entities, 600 gigs of data, 150 application users, multiple AOS, data was heavily virtualized and guess what? They were on Microsoft Dynamics AX4.0…and wanted to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.

During the upgrade, we encountered a number of scenarios where we had to write custom scripts for data upgrade and cleansing, made use of State Transfer Tool to mitigate the risk of Production system cut off time available and multiple sessions with the customer users to run the upgraded application for testing. Dedicated time was spent on multiple passes before the actual Production upgrade just to make sure that our approach towards the GoLive is aligned with customer business operations. AXPulse team worked on multiple weekends to simulate the cut off and GoLive preparation and finally it paid off.

Overall a very exciting journey with the customer to achieve a successful GoLive with great learning for the team that boosted our confidence for more such upgrades.

More stories to come…

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