Retail POS is an essential retail component which is used to perform day-to-day sales and purchase activity at retail stores. In this blog I am going to demonstrate the steps to install and configure Retail POS and Retail Channel Configuration Utility. Retail Channel Configuration Utility will be used to configure Retail POS with Retail Channel Database.

Retail POS, along with Async Client, is the second key component to install at Retail point of sale. Retail POS and Retail Channel Configuration Utility must be installed at every POS register (computer) of a store.

Remember there is only one Async Client and Retail Channel Database at every store, all the POS registers will be connected to that POS register which have these two components installed. If you have a non-domain environment and you want to connect your other POS registers to the channel database, you need to create a SQL server authentication user at your channel database with same username and password as you have in your POS register and enable SQL server authentication mode. Also make sure to disable firewall at every POS register and to connect each POS register with same network.

Now let’s get started with installation and configuration:

  1. Before installation, make sure to install a pre-requisite KB2703853 at every POS register.
  2. Open Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 setup > Add or modify components > Select Retail POS and Retail Channel Configuration Utility from Retail Components and Click Next.Blog-PC1
  3. Validate Prerequisite and Click Next then Click Install.Blog-PC2

After the installation, Open Retail Channel Configuration Utility. Enter Register Id and Store Id, you can find or create both at Retail > Setup > POS > POS registers. Enter your company id. Enter the server name at which you have installed your channel database. Enter channel database name. Test connection and Click Apply. You have successfully installed and configured Retail POS.


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