AXPulse is famous for developing world class products and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics AX. One of the hottest products developed by AXPulse, are the Security Reports.

Security Reports

Steps to deploy the package:

1. Download the deployable package file into your Dynamics 365 VM.


2. Extract the zip file and you will see all the contents pertaining to that package in the directory. Open CMD from this folder as we will be running a series of commands.



3. Open up the topology file, we need to make some changes in that file. The file is called “DefaultTopologyData”.

Replace the “AX Topology” with the name of your package. Replace the “localhost” with the name of your machine.



You should replace the names as shown below:


4. Now, we need to figure out the list of services installed in Dynamics 365. To do that, run the command in CMD.



Next, we need to add these services in our topology file.6


5.  Generate the runbook id by executing the command:

AXUpdateInstaller.exe generate -runbookid=AXDeployablePackage_20170221_09_07_25-runbook -topologyfile=DefaultTopologyData.xml -servicemodelfile=DefaultServiceModelData.xml -runbookfile=AXDeployablePackage_20170221_09_07_25-runbook.xml


6. In the next step, we have to import the Runbook file. Run this command:

AXUpdateInstaller.exe import -runbookfile=AXDeployablePackage_20170221_09_07_25-runbook.xml

This would generate the runbook file in the same folder.



7. Now, execute the runbook file. Use this command in the CMD.

AXUpdateInstaller.exe execute -runbookid=AXDeployablePackage_20170221_09_07_25-runbook

This command will take quite a lot of time depending on the package. It will also build all the referenced packages.

Upon successful completion, you should be able to see the screen below.



That’s all! You should now be able to see the changes in your Dynamics 365 for Operations.




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