Microsoft has always been famous for its simple pricing mechanism. Since beginning of Dynamics era the licensing were based on user roles and never module or license per module.  By announcing its new pricing for Dynamics 365, Microsoft still proves the company wants users/businesses to work on Microsoft products. The tailored pricing to accommodate large organizations to small organizations help increase the user coverage.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of cloud apps and services for business that allows customers to select apps based on their business needs and pay as they use. Offering to bundle the package makes it more interesting for customers.

Microsoft have provided number of choices for customers in deciding the correct mix and this is where Microsoft Partners come in place.

  1. Products
    • Plans—Packaged apps for companies whose people need to access multiple apps—and that want big savings
    • Applications—Individual apps for businesses whose people need access to one Dynamics 365 app
  1. Type of Users – Full user or/and light user
    • Full use—For those whose work requires them to use much of the functionality in the applications.
    • Light use—For those who consume information and complete small tasks in the apps.


  1. Edition – Enterprise Edition or Business Edition
    • Enterprise edition—Plans and applications for businesses with hundreds to thousands of users

Plan subscription is the most effective option to provide ultimate flexibility for users to have access to any Dynamics 365 functionality to get his job done.

Enterprise Plan 1:


Enterprise Plan 2:

plan 2


pricing Ent

  1. Business edition—Applications for small and medium-sized organizations with up to a few hundred users (details below)

This edition gives an addon for customers with financials app and easily add Sales, Marketing and Customer Service as they become available. Each Financials app full user license includes one external accounting professional license to securely connect with your accountant in the cloud for richer accounting services. Unfortunately, this service is not available in many regions (refer: http://download.microsoft.com/documents/en-us/dynamics/Dynamics_365_International_Availability_Deck.pdf)

Business Price

*$0 Free with full use license

Microsoft has also provided Extended Support facilities for its premier customers.


**Dynamics-365-enterprise edition license guide.pdf

There has been some updates on Microsoft Dynamics 365 availability on premises. I`ll share the updates in my future posts.

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