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Are you looking to blast thousands of thousands emails to you prospects and track their statistics back into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM as leads, contacts and accounts instantly? Then your wait is over now. As AXPulse proudly presents the third party connector between Microsoft Dynamics CRM & MailChimp.

AXPulse has made a complete solution which is strong in form and low in cost.

Now you can simply Create List, Add Members and blast the bulk emails within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Not only this but you can also bring back the MailChimp statistics back into the CRM by just clicking a button. Also you can

123 Go

                1- Create MailChimp List                  2- Add Marketing list                       3- Shoot!

mailchimp axp

Sync Bulk Email Statistics:

Our tool is capable to sync the bulk email statistics of that particular list, back into the CRM by simply clicking a sync button. Following are the stats:

  • No. of emails send to recipients
  • No. of successful deliveries
  • No. of bounced back emails
  • No. of opened the emails
  • No. of unopened emails
  • No. of Unsubscribes
  • Total times of clicks

mc stats

Sync Templates:

Create your template in MailChimp website and get them attached directly from your CRM. This robust functionality makes our tool unique. No matter how many templates you created, our integration tool can sync all of your MailChimp Templates directly into your CRM so that you can attach them easily with the bulk email you want to send to the targeted audience.

mc templates

Track your list by using List Errors Functionality:

By using this tool you can easily track your MailChimp list response and integration type, remaining in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by looking at list Errors functionality.


mc list errors


Built in dashboard functionality makes you get aware that how many lists are send to how many peoples, which marketing list contains how many no. of recipients, and many more charts are available that will make easy to take effective and efficient decision making in your upcoming business events.


mc dshbrd1


mc dshbrd

 Other Features and Advantages:

  • Setting the Subject of the email
  • Giving name of the list
  • Add multiple marketing lists into MailChimp list
  • 5 Security Roles with different levels of privileges
  • Tracking the workflows
  • More enrich views and many more beneficial features..

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