Using offline SQLite database with Microsoft Dynamics AX on a mobile device

  Internet connectivity is prevalent and the need of the time everywhere. Despite incredible advancements, there are however situations where the internet connectivity is unavailable or undesirable. I came across a requirement from one of our clients. They…

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DiskSpd – a Microsoft standard tool for IO subsystem sizing

Disk latencies play a vital role in the performance degradation for any OLTP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX, D365 and Dynamics CRM. Optimized IO lead to the optimal software performance. Microsoft has set the following threshold for the…

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Using Bing maps & Google maps visuals in PowerBI

  Power BI is great at visualizing location for maps, it integrates with Bing map via coordinates so it’s easier to tag locations. Bing uses some algorithms and hints to try to get the right location on map. Today,…

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