Now a days, bulk email applications are very common in the market such as MailChimp. AXPulse has integrated MailChimp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM application using the MailChimp API. Now you can send bulk emails to your prospects from Microsoft Dynamics CRM using MailChimp. You can also generate leads based on user feedback.





MailChimp allows API KEYS that helps to develop such API calls that have various functions that works between two applications. Following are the API Calls:

  • Get
  • Read
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

What we actually did:

Our developers have written such codes in Visual Studio that integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MailChimp with the help of a CRM plugin in such a way that you can do loads of things by simply clicking on the buttons that we have created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Functionalities that you can do with in the CRM Application are:

  • Create Campaigns
  • Create new marketing lists or add existing
  • Create Members or edit
  • Create new Email template or add/edit existing
  • Send Bulk Emails
  • View Stats
  • View Status
  • Manage MailChimp Security Roles
  • Web2lead or email2lead process

Get API Call Scenario:

  • Create marketing list, add members, select email template and send bulk email by using MailChimp buttons in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Prospects who clicks on subscribe link in the email will become leads  (First & Last name including their email address will be auto populated) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



I hope this blog helps you to take important decision making in order to enhance and upgrade your business process. Stay tuned to for more upcoming exciting blogs.

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