I like to share my experience with you, as I have worked with one of our clients who use Marketo as a Marketing Automation integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I found it very interesting and want you to know as well about it. So, these are the flow steps of Marketo with Microsoft Dynamics CRM;


I found many exciting and profitable features in it. Lets start with the capabilities that Marketo have;

  1. Lead Management
  2. E-mail Blast (E-mail Marketing)
  3. Consumer Marketing
  4. Customer Base Marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing


Lead Management:

  • Right Lead to the right Sales person

You can simply make rules for lead assignment. Every Salesperson have different area of interest and have its own specialty, according to their field of work, leads can easily be diverted to them.

For instance, A user fills the online form of a Cellular company by visiting its website. Among Post-paid and Prepaid customers in the Type of customers, he select Prepaid customer. A lead will be created automatically In Microsoft Dynamics CRM and assigned to the Salesperson who is specialist in dealing Prepaid Customers.

  • No matter how many leads will be generated
  • Leads Statistics | Graphs and Charts
  • Import & Export Leads
  • Organize Leads with lists & Smart lists
  • Quick Sync


Marketing Activities:

  • Start a new Marketing Campaign
  • Watch timely leads trends
  • Assigning the leads/campaigns to Specialist Salespersons
  • Visualize ongoing campaigns (Charts and Graphs)
  • Pipeline & Revenue Attribution



  • View or Export you report
  • Configure your report settings and filters
  • Define the Smart list for your report



Marketo Revenue Cycle Explorer:

Marketo revenue cycle explorer makes it easy to measure, understand, and optimize your revenue performance with interactive reports that allow you to answer critical questions via ad hoc, drag and drop data analysis powered by a robust analytics engine.

Beside of all these features, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM the marketing automation has reached at it best with the integration with Marketo.

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