AXPLockBox is a customer payments processing product which process the Lock Box payments and import them into the Dynamics AX 2012 AR Payment journal. AXPLockBox is a product which can process Lock box file and is also able to be customized as per requirement.

In this post I will be highlighting the high level features of the product and the steps to execute the AXPLockBox payments processing.

At the high level the Lock box file contains following three fields :

  1. Invoice No #
  2. Check No #
  3. Check Amount

The sample Lock Box file is as below:


How to import customer payments into AX using AXPLockBox:

Below is the step by step points which will help in understanding the over all Lock box payments processing process in to AX:

Step # 1. Create a New method of payment i.e. LOCK BOX:

To create a new method of payment it is required to setup the methods of payments for the Lock box, Navigate to Accounts receivable –> Area page –> Setup –> Payments –> Methods of payments .

Methods of payments

Step # 2. Setup the File format to be used for the Lock box:

In the Methods of payment form, expand the File format tab and go to Setup:

File format setup

In the setup set Lock box as the Import File format as shown in below screen shot:

File format import

Step # 3. Set Import Format:

Now in the Import Format in the File formats Tab set the Format i.e. AXPLockBox which we setup in the previous step:

Set import format2

Now we are all done with the Methods of payment setup, in the next steps we will be proceeding with the payments journal and import payments from the lock box using AXPLockBox.

Step #4. Navigate to Payment journal:

Navigate to Accounts receivable –> Journals –> Payments –> Payment journal.



Step #5. Create payment Journal 

Create a payment journal and Navigate to lines as shown in the below screen shot:



Step #6. Import Payments

In the journal lines go to Functions and select Import payments as shown in below screen shot:

Functions import payments

When you select Import payments, a dialog will open in which we will select the Method of payment i.e. LOCKBOX:


Step #7. Specify the Lock box File

After selecting LOCKBOX as the method of payment, another dialog will open where you have to specify the file name :

Select file

In this case I am using a CSV file, this may very as per the requirement. The file contains data as follow:

Now here the data provided in the lock box file is the Invoice Number, Check number and the amount , these Customer payments will be imported into the AX in the Payment journal lines along with their corresponding customer on the basis of invoice number. You can also notice that there are few lines without any check number and amount, basically those are the invoices which belong to the same customer and their payment is made through a single check i.e. againt CIV-000661 in this case, therefore AXPLockBox will handle such payments in a single Line and mark the settlement against that line for all these invoices.

After you click OK, AXPLockBox will process all these payments from the file and import them into the AX:

Payments imported

Now, you can see that those three invoices which we discussed above are imported as a single payment and AXPLockBox has done the automatic settlement against all three invoices for that payment line as can be seen in below screen shot:


That’s all for the High level introduction for the AXPLockBox payments processing product, this product has much more strength and capabilities in processing the Lock box payments into AX, it is a very generic solution which is capable to handle multiple Lock box payments scenarios and can also be customized according to the requirement.


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