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By importing this AXPulse CRM Product, you can easily watch the numbers of sold products, by their names, units, per unit and total amount that has been charged against them on the Account form on a single grid. Beside of it you can generate report in order to get info about any of your sold products that has been sold any country. For details read this blog completely, as it contains complete tutorial which will help you to understand more easily.

How to Import AXPAccountsProducts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

To import AXPAccountsProducts file, follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Go to Setting -> Solutions -> click Import -> Browse -> Select file (.Zip) -> Import.



After successful import of the solution, reopen the application (CRM)


How to use AXPAccountsProducts

Scenario: Create Opportunity for an Existing Account in Microsoft Dynamics CRM named Three Star Textiles by Clicking the + sign on the Recent Opportunities Grid in the Account form.




A new opportunity window will Pop-up. Enter a suitable Topic for Opportunity and fill other fields too and click Save.




Click on the Opportunity that has been created for the Account.





Opportunity form will get opened. In the bottom of this form there is a grid of Quotes, Click + sign to add a Quote in Opportunity




Select the products from Product Catalog or Write-in Products and add them into the Quote and Click Save and then click Activate Quote to set the status of this quote to active from draft.



After setting the quote in Active state, click the Create Order button. A window will pop-up of create order select status reason as won and click Ok.




The opportunity is now converted into Order and now when you click Fulfill Order another Pop-up window will appeared on screen, in which you have to select status reason as Complete or Partial then click Fulfill.




Now go to the Account who has ordered the products, on that particular Account form users are able to see the products that have been purchased by Three Star Textiles




Beside of it you can also generate a report, in which you can analyze that how many of your products have been sold in various countries.



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