Catch weight products are commonly used in process manufacturing where the products can vary slightly by weight. An example is in the food industry. Catch weight products use two units of measurement, an inventory unit and a catch weight unit. Catch weight refers to the scenarios in which you handle containers where each one of them can have different weight and the product is priced by

Weight unit (lbs. or kgs) Catch weight is used in processing manufacturing, such as the food and beverage, mostly for protein manufacturing and distribution.


In This Blog I will describes you about catch weight and its setups. It also describes the partial visibility with demonstrations through purchase order.

How to Create Catch Weight Item in AX 2012.


  • Product information Management > click on released product > Click on New item.



These steps are critical, we can’t go back later and fix these.


  • Select the Catch Weight check box.
  • Select your Inventory Unit of Measure – This is the UOM with a catch weight range.
  • Select the Tracking Dimension – There are two types of catch weight 1) Partial visibility catch weight and Full visibility catch weight-This must be serialized to allow for full catch weight traceability, if the serialized check box is not selected it is said to be partial visibility catch weight.


  • After entering the all necessary details, Press OK, item is created.







  • Click edit the item and Go into Manage inventory tab select the CW unit after entering the Conversion e.g. Inventory unit is KG catch weight unit in each. IMP : FROM UNIT is the Catch Weight unit and TO UNIT is the Inventory unit. and 3.3 valve in the factor is the Nominal Value. i.e 1 each is equal to 3.3 KG.







  • Select the Catch Weight Unit. Define the range for the weight in inventory units that is allowed for the item in the minimum quantity and maximum quantity fields at the released product level.










Note: We cannot set up a catch weight for a Product type of service or for the Production types of Bill of Material (BOM) or Planning item.

Note: We cannot set up an item as a catch weight, if the item has inventory Transactions or if it is associated with a batch number or a serial number group That has a per quantity field defined.

Partial Visibility Catch Weight Item.


After creating Catch weight item and its setups now we have an example of a purchase order for a catch weight item below.


On the Navigation Pane, click Procurement and sourcing or Accounts payable, go to Common, click the Purchase orders Fast Tab, and then click all purchase orders.


  • See the highlighted values system auto calculates two unit of measure for one item. We can also change it at the time of registering the inventory into serial number.


The Catch weight value can be modified, but the inventory Quantity is pre-filled from nominal quantity, when you register your item, you can revise the inventory unit of measure quantity to equal the actual quantity received.


See below image where we can revise unit of measurement and receive actual unit.



By changing the registration quantity we can receive the actual value, instead of the nominal value.


  • After Product Receipt, the on hand will show the following details, check below image.





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