Hello once again, we are back with another exciting blog on Power BI and this time we are going to explore the Power BI Gateway that needs to be installed on your Database server so that the online app can refresh its datasets on a regular basis to make sure the reports and dashboards are updated with the latest data. For this demo, I am going to use the example from my previous blog  (https://www.axpulse.com/using-microsoft-dynamics-ax-as-power-bi-data-source/)

in which I created a Report for InventOnhand in Microsoft Dynamics AX based on the data available in SQL Server database for AX.

Let’s start, first and foremost we’ll need to publish our pbix file to the Power BI online app as we created it on our local environment using Desktop version of Power BI, I am going to publish this one to my Organizational group that I created in an earlier blog (https://www.axpulse.com/sharing-and-collaboration-in-power-bi/) instead of my Workspace.




As soon as my report is available online, I wanted to add a few more ‘Numerical’ visualizations for a proper monitoring of the data and its data updating.



Then, I created a Dashboard where I pinned all my visualizations for an end user scenario, if you are new and want to look at how to create reports and dashboards, you can look up an earlier blog of mine where I explained it in detail (https://www.axpulse.com/creating-a-simple-report-using-powerbi/).




Now, let’s move forward and install the Data Gateway for Power BI, you can easily download it from this link (https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=820925&clcid=0x409). Once you’ve downloaded, open up the installer, first it will ask the type of gateway that you want to install, in my case and for the sake of simplicity I am going to use the Personal Gateway.



We get a few notes from Microsoft regarding the Gateway, make sure you follow all the best practices.


After you’ve chosen the version of Power BI Data Gateway, it will want you to sign in to your Power Bi account so it knows to what account does the gateway needs to be signed up.



The NEXT button will open up a new form where you can enter your account details, after you are done, hit SIGN IN.



After the Power BI account is Signed In, it will need your Database Server Credentials so that it can access the Database that you want the data to be refreshed from, just make sure you enter proper Username and Password as well as the domain for your User.



After all the configurations, it will finally give you the good news i.e. the Gateway is successfully set up and you are good to go with setting up your Data Refresh now. Please note that there are sometimes version or account issues with the Gateway, the first solution that I myself came up with was to uninstall the Gateway, sign out of my Power BI Desktop, install the Gateway again and then sign in form Power BI Desktop, after which, try reconfigure the gateway.



Now, moving towards our online service i.e. the Power BI app, click on the “Manage Gateways” menu from the location as shown in the following snapshot.



There, I created a new Gateway and defined my Database server i.e. server name, database name, credentials etc.



You can also add users that you want to have access to the gateway, in my scenario I didn’t need to so I let it go as it is.




Now, as our Power BI Data Gateway is installed, configured and defined on the online app as well, let’s create a schedule to refresh our data, you can also select a Refresh Now button to refresh the data manually.



It lets me go through the settings for the Dataset refresh, where I have my credentials and other information saved, let’s change “Schedule Refresh” from Off to ON.



But before defining the recurrence of Data Refresh let’s make sure our Gateway is properly set and ready to go, open the Gateway connection fast Tab and you can see in my case it shows online.






Moving forward, I am going to define the Time for refresh and set the frequency to refresh the Dataset daily.




After you are done, it shows a notification telling that the data refresh has been set and now your data will be update according to the recurrence defined by you in the refresh settings.




That is all for today, we learned how to set the Data Gateway and set the Refresh Schedule to update our datasets online using the Database server hosted anywhere as the Gateway acts as a bridge between them. See you again with a new topic soon. Thanks

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