This is the third part of Dynamics AX performance improvement guide. Links to first and second part are below. In this part, I will be covering Dynamics AX related settings which includes both client and server configurations. Some of these settings can be found in System Administration > Area page > Setup > System > Client performance options/Server Configuration.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dynamics AX Configuration

Application settings Best practice to follow
Kernel & Application Builds AX Client Kernel and application versions should be at the same service pack level. Should be recent kernel build and the highest possible application build
Configuration Keys · Turn off ‘keep update objects’ configuration key for new installations· Configuration keys that are not required should be disabled
Number sequences: · Should be non-continuous unless required· Use pre-allocation for non-continuous number sequences
Database logging and alerts Should be used if necessary
Entire table caching: · Avoid using EntireTable caches for highly updated tables, large tables – move to record caching instead· Can be used with static tables (e.g. parameter tables)
Record caching  Can be used if there are appropriate unique index for frequently executed queries on each table
Server configurations Should be default
OCC Enabled Yes (Recommended)


Dynamics AX Client Configuration

Client settings Best practice to follow
Index Hints Disabled (default setting)
Maximum buffer size: Defaults 24kb (AX 2012 R2 & R3=48kb).
MaxBufferSize [registry setting] Defaults: AX 2009 =  10MB, AX 2012 = 50MB
Processor affinity Disabled. Enabled if there are more than one AOS instance per server
Debug settings: Enable breakpoints to debug X++ code running on this server & Enable global breakpoints – Disabled
Automatic enhanced previews enabled Enabled
Fact boxes Disabled for best performance
Preview panes Disabled for best performance
Form Pre-loading enabled Enabled
Enable the hot-swapping of assemblies for each development session: Disabled
Maximum open cursors: 90 (Default)

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