As SQL Server Master Data Services or MDS is already covered in our previous topic, lets discuss Master Data Services usage along with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Master Data Management in Data Import Export Framework is the area in AX that deals with exporting the non-transactional data to a data hub called the Master Data Repository.

MDS is used with AX by organizations who use multiple instances of Dynamics AX within the scope of their firm, having multiple instances of AX can cause data redundancy as well as possibility of unclean data that can use up reasonable resources of the organization both financially and physically. To overcome this, we use MDS, through which data can be exported as well as imported from the Master Data Repository that contains the clean and consistent data taking into account the changes made in each and every AX instance. As a hands on example, I will be publishing the Products entity from AX 2012 to the Master Data Repository.

First of all, make sure that you have configured Master Data Management correctly to connect with SQL MDS Database, and for that open the Microsoft Dynamics Powershell and run the following command after modifying it as per your database information,


Set-AXMasterDataManagementMDSSetup –MDSServerName <SQL MDS server name> -MDSDatabase <SQL MDS database name>

After the command has run, open AX and enter the parameters required to connect AX with Master Data Repository, parameters include Server name, MDS Database name and MDS site’s service url that you can get from browsing the site in IIS, afterwards, hit Test configuration button and it will open the infolog indicating successful connection,


After the MDM configuration is complete, select the “Publish entities to SQL Master Data Services” menu in the DIXF module to select the entities to publish, in my case I am only selecting Products entity, after selection, hit Create schema button to start publishing,


Once the publishing is complete, open the SQL Master Data Services WebSite to confirm, you will see a new model is created for the Product Entity called DMFProductEntity,


The entity is created but there will not be any data for now, to export data from AX, so, to export data we need to create a Sync Group for Data Import/Export from/to MDS from a particular company. Once the group is created you can set the recurrence of the sync on whatever time period you want, it will continue to export/import data as per the schedule.


For demo purpose, I have manually run the synchronization the first time, after the sync is complete, it shows Infolog with status of Import/Export of data,


Now, when you navigate to the MDS Repository web site, you can see the records filled in,


The question mark at beginning of each record shows that the data is not yet validated, you can apply whatever business rules that you require e.g. mandatory fields, fixed format for fields etc. Once the rules are defined, you can validate the records and it will specify how many records have passed the validation and how much failed. You can validate a version of data by navigating to the Version Management module of MDS website,


Once you hit validate button, it will try to validate the records that are in the Entity, after the data is validated, a green checkbox will show up for all the records that passes the validation,


You can also check the status of the entity to identify how many records passed,


That is all we have today for Master Data Management in AX 2012 and its integration with SQL Master Data Services.


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