In this blog I will show you Advance worker registration functionality developed by AXPulse works in Microsoft Dynamics AX7.

This form is used to enter and view worker Iqama and visa details which is a requirement in many organizations within GCC countries.

In the standard Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  personal information tab you can enter the worker details for identification, loaned equipment, labor unions, accommodation, injury or illness incident, benefits, bank accounts and personal contacts in a single screen of human resource module.

In Advance worker registration solution we have created a form under the personal information tab in which users can maintain employee iqama and visa details. It includes complete details for employee visa and iqama like validity, sponsor, and expiry date. See below image



See the below image for the navigation of the form we have created for worker visa and iqama detail.



We also developed report for visa and iqama details, from this report we can check the workers visa details like expiry of visa and other visa related details in a single click.

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